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Cat Perch Location and Installation Instructions

Your cats love to play and are natural explorers.

Most cats enjoy lofty vantage points from which they can observe their surroundings from a safe distance. Sometimes they prefer to be close to their humans, near where you relax or eat. Other times they love watching the great outdoors, or the bird feeder just outside the window.

There are likely numerous locations in your home from which your cat would enjoy observing his/her domain. You know your cat's personality, habits, and physical capabilities better than anyone else. Please consider easily accessible perch mounting locations from where your cat will most enjoy a new perspective.

A familiar jumping height for many cats is 36”, which is the height of a typical kitchen counter. Locating your new perch, or perches, within 36” of the floor or other access point is a good place to start. A 10” to 20” horizontal distance seems to work well with the 36” height. Be sure the surface they are jumping from is stable and secure.

Once you have your location(s) picked out let's get going on the installation.


Tools Required

Tools Included


Electric Drill 1 - Drill Guide Cushion
Level  1 - Drill Bit Bracket     
Stud Finder   1 - Hex Wrench 2 - Wall Screws 2 3/8” (drywall & wood stud wall)
Pencil -or-  1 - Screw Depth Gauge  2 - Wall Screws 1 ¼” (solid wood surface)
Painters Tape 1 – Nail  2 - Cushion/Bracket Screws 1” polished



Note: Professional installation is recommended as it is important to be sure the perch is securely attached to the wall per the instructions below. If you are familiar with tools and installations please read all instructions below and continue.


  1. Using a stud finder locate the center of the wood stud that’s closest to the location that you’ve selected for your perch. Using a pencil or painters tape make a small horizontal and vertical mark at the intersection of the top of where you would like to locate the perch cushion and the center of the wall stud. This is your Top-Center


  1. Align the top-notch of the Drill Guide with your Top-Center mark on the wall. Use a level to ensure that the Drill Guide is completely vertical while maintaining your Top-Center Place a small mark alongside of Drill Guide and at bottom tip of the Drill Guide.


Cat Perch Bracket drill guide  

  1. With Drill Guide held firmly in place at marked location, drill a hole thru the lower Drill Guide hole into center of stud. It is very important to let the Drill Guide align your drill and bit so the hole is perpendicular to the wall surface.


  1. Now pin the Drill Guide into place by inserting the provided Nail through the Drill Guide and into the drilled hole. Check and adjust Drill Guide to your vertical mark if necessary. Drill second hole through Drill Guide, perpendicular to wall. Remove Drill Guide and finish drilling both holes to a depth approximately equal to the Wall Screw length.


  1. Using supplied Hex Wrench, install Wall Screws (select from screws provided - appropriate for your wall type) until bottom of screw head is 1/8” off wall. Test your 1/8” measurement by sliding the provided Screw Depth Gauge under the screw head, and adjust if necessary, to a light friction fit - Screw Depth Gauge should slide in/out with light friction. Test fit the holes of the Perch Bracket on each screw individually to a light friction fit. Do not attempt a tight fit. Forcing bracket on to tight screws can make bracket removal very difficult.


  1. Attach Cushion to Perch Bracket using the oval head Cushion/Bracket Screws. Then, slide the assembled Perch on to the Wall Screws. Cushions and Perch Brackets can be easily interchanged with the seasons or with changes to your home décor. Enjoy!