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Fancy Cats at the Boston International Cat Show

Boston International Cat Show

We had so much fun at the Boston International Cat Show this past weekend. We couldn't help but smile all day as we were surrounded by beautiful exotic Bengals, Savannahs, and Toygers, and slender, stylized Oriental Shorthairs, and luxurious long-haired Maine Coon Cats and Ragdolls, and the mysterious, sleek Sphynx.  

Thank you to everyone who stopped by our booth to sign up for our Cat Perch giveaway. We were overwhelmed with the enthusiasm that everyone expressed towards our designer cat perches and our upcoming new additions to the line.  

We were thrilled to be booth neighbors with the wonderful people from The PURR Cat Cafe which will be opening in Brighton this July. Boston's first and only Cat Cafe!

Aristocat Designs booth at BOSCAT




Ms Whiskers from Purr Cat Cafe Ms Whiskers from Purr Cat Cafe on Aristocat Designs cat bridge
Maine Coone at BOSCAT Oriental Shorthair
Playful kitty at BOSCAT Beautiful Bengal Cat
Playful Bengal
Beautiful big Maine Coone
Cream - my favorite Bengal spectators at BOSCAT

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